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Club Highlights

Experience the sensations of complete and utter freedom and relaxation the moment you arrive at the The Willamettans club. Secluded and private, yet completely open and free, our modern RV club has over 100 RV sites. Most sites have full hookups available. The Willamettans also has fully furnished rentals including enchanting cedar cabins and RVs.  Click here for rates

First-time visitors by appointment only

Walk in the forest trails

Cabins are available for rent.

Click here for rates

Inside  Cabin

Huckleberry Cabin


Willamettans Pool

The Willamettans is renowned for its year-round heated pool, offering an open-air experience during summer and sheltered by a dome in the winter. The pool maintains an average temperature of approximately 88 degrees. To comply with regulations, the pool and hot tub are accessible from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with gates securely locked outside these operating hours.

The Willamettans is a family-friendly club that provides pool toys suitable for all ages. Additionally, a playground is conveniently located near the pool and offers entertainment for children when you manage to coax them out of the water. 

Willamettans Playground

Hot Tub and Sauna

Take a refreshing plunge in our pool before indulging in the relaxation of our hot tub or sauna. Our facilities include a spacious shower room designed for both summer and winter seasons, along with outdoor showers accessible during the summer months. During the winter, revel in the comfort of our heated dressing room, or relish the open-air experience on our numerous decks while drying off. Experience ultimate comfort and convenience at our clubs's aquatic amenities.

Willamettans Hot Tub

Willamettans sauna

Willamettans shuffle board


Enhance your stay at The Willamettans Clothing-Optional Club with a variety of engaging games and activities! Take a break from aquatic fun and dive into a world of entertainment with shuffleboard, bocce ball, pickle-ball, tennis, volleyball, or horseshoe games. Bond with friends, both old and new, while enjoying these exciting activities amidst our scenic club grounds. Whether you're seeking relaxation or lively competition, our selection of games offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect during your clothing-optional getaway at The Willamettans.


When you are waterlogged enjoy a game of shuffleboard, bocce ball, pickle ball, tennis, volleyball or horseshoe with friends, old or new.


Discover the heart of our clothing-optional club, the lodge—a central space designed for comfort and liberation. Within this hub of relaxation and camaraderie, relish the rustic charm and modern amenities that define our scenic grounds. Unwind from your day's adventures by enjoying cable TV, engaging in video games, or playing board games in our inviting lodge. Additionally, our lodge offers a pool table, ping-pong table, exercise equipment and air hockey for those seeking both leisure and excitement. Embrace the natural beauty surrounding us while immersing yourself in a liberating clothing-optional lifestyle. Here, amidst the laughter and connections fostered through shared experiences, the lodge at our club becomes your gateway to a fulfilling, inclusive, and unforgettable escape.

For Convenience

For your convenience during extended stays or when in need of freshening up well-loved towels, our accessible laundromat is conveniently located adjacent to the Fireside area. The laundromat offers a hassle-free solution, ensuring clean and refreshed essentials throughout your stay. Additionally, situated beside the café, our ice machine provides a convenient way to keep your coolers chilled. Affordable bags of ice are available for purchase, ensuring that your refreshments stay cold and delightful during your time at The Willamettans.

Bun Marche

Enjoy the thrill of shopping? At The Willamettans, delight awaits at our thoughtfully curated gift shop, ensuring you return home with cherished memories in the form of a new outfit or a special keepsake. Embrace the opportunity to browse through our selection of items, where you'll find not just stylish attire but also unique souvenirs to commemorate your stay with us. Whether you're seeking a fashionable addition to your wardrobe or a memento to cherish, our gift shop is here to make sure your visit to the The Willamettans is complete with a touch of something special to take home.

Willamettans gift shop

The Sunshine Cafe

Tucked away within the vibrant tapestry of The Willamettans community lies the Sunshine Cafe, a charming culinary haven radiating warmth and hospitality. Enveloped in an ambiance that exudes coziness, this cafe serves as the beating heart of communal dining and convivial gatherings. With its cheerful atmosphere, it beckons residents and guests alike to savor not just delicious meals but also the spirit of togetherness. From the scent of freshly brewed coffee that dances through the air to the tantalizing aromas of homemade meals crafted with love, the Sunshine Cafe offers a delectable array of dishes that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. More than a mere dining spot, it stands as a testament to The Willamettans' commitment to fostering connections and fostering a sense of community through shared meals and shared moments.

Craft Shack

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of The Willamettans community lies the charming Craft Shack, an inviting haven for creative souls and artisans alike. Embracing a rustic allure, the craft shack serves as a hub for artistic exploration and expression. With its doors open wide to all enthusiasts, it offers a sanctuary where imagination flourishes and craftsmanship thrives. The ambiance within is alive with the hum of creativity, as individuals of diverse talents come together to weave their artistic visions into reality. From painting to woodworking and textile arts, the Craft Shack is a treasure trove of opportunities, fostering a sense of community and sharing as each masterpiece takes shape within its walls. With its welcoming atmosphere and an array of tools and materials, the Craft Shack stands as a testament to The Willamettans' commitment to fostering creativity and camaraderie among its members and guests.

A large fire pit is available for making new friends or for socializing.

Willamettans Firepit and bar

The Fireside center provides the evening entertainment with karaoke, darts and pool table. The Fireside is also perfect for potlucks and other club activities such as live bands, and dancing.

Fireside in at Willamettans

Fireside outside deck

Thirsty after a full day of sun, fun and friends?
The fun does not stop at the Full Moon Saloon conveniently located inside the Fireside,
enjoy beer, wine and mixed drinks.

The bar at Willamettans

A Willamettans drink


The Willamettans boasts vast expanses of lush lawns embraced by the serenity of surrounding forests, adorned with meandering hiking trails and gentle, babbling creeks. These sprawling acres offer a tranquil sanctuary where nature's beauty is in perfect harmony. The verdant lawns provide ample space for leisurely strolls or vibrant outdoor activities, while the encompassing forests invite exploration and discovery. Tucked away within this natural haven, the hiking trails wind through picturesque landscapes, inviting members and guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil embrace of the wilderness. Accompanied by the soft symphony of tumbling creeks, this idyllic setting at the Willamettans promises moments of serenity and connection with the natural world.

Campsite garden at willamettans

Dog Park

Explore the designated dog park nestled within the expanse of the Willamettans community, offering a safe and welcoming space for your beloved pets to frolic and play freely. Our dedicated dog park is thoughtfully designed to cater to the boundless energy and playful spirits of your furry companions. Here, your pets can roam and run without constraints, fostering a sense of joy and well-being in a secure environment. With ample room to exercise and socialize, this designated area ensures that your four-legged friends can indulge in their natural instincts while enjoying a sense of freedom and adventure within our community grounds.


The Willamettans, a vibrant community nestled in the heart of Oregon, embraces a lively tradition of hosting exhilarating theme parties each month. These gatherings form an eclectic tapestry of diverse activities appealing to various tastes and age groups. From the pulsating rhythms of live bands that infuse the air with energy to the melodious laughter resonating through karaoke nights, there's something for everyone. The thrill of a casino night adds an element of excitement, sparking a spirit of friendly competition. And for the adventurous souls, the enchantment of skinny dipping under the open offers a liberating experience. These events not only foster a sense of camaraderie but also celebrate the diversity within the community, creating cherished memories that linger long after the parties conclude.

Willamettans logo

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The Willamettans reaffirms AANR’s non-discrimination policy welcoming all people willing to conform to its principles and standards, regardless of age, gender, marital status, religious beliefs, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. This includes welcoming all single, partnered and married people of all gender identities, ethnicities, sexual identities, ages, sizes, religions and physical abilities.

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